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Monday, April 18, 2016

You Can't Pick Your Friend's Nose

This 1978 one-off certainly has them grinnin' -- at least in the cover art.

The label, SPBGMA Records, sounds kind of like a disease.  But the music is OK.

01. Bill Cheatham (2:23)
02. Bells of St Mary (3:05)
03. Pick Away (2:49)
04. Mason’s Apron (1:57)
05. Sweet Bunch of Daisies (3:00)
06. Fireball (2:18)
07. Annie Laurie (2:16)
08. Turkey Knob (2:21)
09. Liberty (2:10)
10. Breakin’ It Down (2:34)
11. Duelin’ Banjo & Orange Blossom Special (3:54)
12. Twinkle Little Star (2:30)
13. Fireball Mail (2:24)
14. Firehouse Blues (3:29)

TICK ALERT:  No, not the Rocky Mountain-Spotted kind, silly!  No -- in Tracks 6 and 7 there are ticks (pops) in the audio, due to a scratch on the vinyl.  Hope you can take it as an artifact of a "vinyl experience."

Pickin' an' a Grinnin'

See you Thursday.

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