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Thursday, April 7, 2016

He's Got a Huge -- Band

Discogs tells us that this album was released in 1963.

You have got to give credit to the girl who posed for this cover image -- she either has a great sense of humor, or she thought posing like this would help her avoid Hazing Week at her new sorority.

Either way, she's game! ... Kind of like this music, which is fine but never cuts loose in what I expected to be the "Dixieland" style.  Maybe that's because he was from Chicago.

01. Columbia the Gem of the Ocean (2:55)
02. Chicago (2:24)
03. I'm Coming Virginia (3:22)
04. Royal Garden Blues (2:22)
05. The Lonesome Road (6:17)
06. You Are My Sunshine (2:58)
07. Too Marvelous for Words (4:12)
08. Blues in the Night (3:42)
09. Blue Skies (2:13)
10. Midnight in Moscow (2:53)


See you Monday.


  1. Do you have any barbershop quartet records? I'm finding them near impossible to find online. Probably because they are horrible, but no worse than dixieland IMO.
    anyways, great blog duder. keep on keepin' on, baby!