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Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Complete Authentic Minstrel Show

From 1958, we have a heark-back to an old style of entertainment.

Before vaudeville, we had the Minstrel show, popularized by the ruling class as a reinforcement of their role at the top of the societal heap.  Much humor was directed at the uneducated black man, who was an innocent pawn of his "betters."

Of course, each person is valuable.  Rascals and virtuous people exist in all places, societies, and skin colors, because we're all human.

Discogs page.  As you may imagine, this is a re-creation of the type, including the layout of front & rear covers.

01 - Opening March: Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight - Swanee River - The Company  (1:27)
02 - Medley: Old Dan Tucker - Mandy Lee - Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair - Old Folks at Home - Camptown Races - In the Evening by the Moonlight - The Company  (9:57)
03 - Sweet Sixteen - Gilbert Smith, The Southland Chorus  (3:24)
04 - Shine on Harvest Moon - The Company  (2:39)
05 - The Preacher and the Bear - Robert Lamb  (2:56)
06 - My Gal Sal - The Southland Chorus  (6:09)
07 - Lassus Trombome - The Sliphorn Four  (2:48)
08 - Asleep in the Deep - Warren Biggs  (2:36)
09 - Grand Finale: Hello, Ma Baby - Honeymoon - I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now - Goodbye My Lady Love - The Company  (5:42)

See you Monday. 


  1. Thanks for this. Looking forward to hearing what is likely good stuff deemed non-grata by the distorted times we're in.

  2. Well, these times may be distorted by political correctness and a "victim culture," but in the areas of (at least)recognizing human rights, we're a far sight better than when people were legally allowed to "own" other people.

  3. If you read the liner notes you will see it was recorded in stereo at the Capitol Records Studio in Hollywood (referred to as "the Capitol Tower." Excellent quality throughout.