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Monday, April 25, 2016

Al Hirt: "The Horn" Meets "The Hornet" Re-Post with Active Link

In this 1966 album, we hear "Popular TV themes of intrigue," according to the back side of the LP.

1. “Green Hornet” Theme
2. The Hornet’s Nest
3. Night Rumble
4. “Get Smart” Theme
5. Theme from “Run For Your Life”
6. “Batman” Theme
7. The “King Kong” Theme
8. The Monkees
9. Tarzan’s March
10. T.H.E. Cat
11. (Theme from) Run Buddy Run

See you Monday.


  1. Hey, Mark, it's been a looong time since my last visit!
    Did you rip this LP yourself or is this a re-up from your previous rip?
    Thank you

  2. YES to both questions. The original post was my rip from LP. This post is a re-up of the same file that I originally ripped several years ago. I don't have the LP any more.

  3. Al Hirt made a lot of fine albums and this is probably the best.