Yes, that is Spock in the headphones. The year was 1979. These are some of my LPs, themed compilations, and the like.


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Monday, September 7, 2015

We Go for MECO

There's nothing like the aural suspense experienced during the brief matter of seconds between putting needle to record, and the music (whatever it is) beginning.

These selections were indeed dubbed from LPs that are now much farther down the chain of possession ... so appreciate these artifacts of vinyl and disco.

(Of course, the Wizard Face is that of Meco himself.)
Arranged in two movements, one for each side:

01 - Over The Rainbow / Cyclone / Munchkinland / Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead / Munchkinland (Again) / We're Off To See The Wizard (The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz)
02 - Poppies / The Spell / Optimistic Voices / The Merry Old Land Of Oz / The Haunted Forest / March Of The Winkies / Dorothy's Rescue / If I Were King Of The Forest / Over The Rainbow / The Reprise

*        *       *          *            *

 Here's a conflation of musical themes from two hoped-for space spectaculars that were less than spectacular in some minds:

01. Star Trek Medley
02. Love Theme From Star Trek
03. Theme From Star Trek
04. Theme From The Black Hole
05. Clearmotion
06. Space Sentry
07. Meteorites

To boldly listen ...

See you Thursday!


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