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Monday, September 21, 2015

An Authentically Processed Experience

Here's what you get when "the system" attempts to mediate works of art.  The "original" gets processed, cleaned up, made safe, and therefore nonthreatening. Cases in point:

How about the Sanitized, Squeaky-Clean West?

This is a 1962 album sure to make Granny smile, but not too much.

01. Devil’s Dream (1:38)
02. Turkey in the Straw (1:49)
03. Back Up and Push (1:34)
04. Maiden’s Prayer (3:03)
05. Golden Slippers (2:33)
06. Fire in the Mountain (1:46)
07. Arkansas Traveler (2:15)
08. Orange Blossom Special (2:39)
09. Listen to the Mocking Bird (1:58)
10. Faded Love (3:11)
11. Fisher’s Horn Pipe (1:31)
12. Chicken Reel (1:52)

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, for our next pulchitudinous presentation, we offer for your delectation a 1958 LP titles Under Western Skies, by George Melachrino and His Orchestra:

01. Home on the Range (3:14)
02. Wagon Wheels (2:37)
03. Riders in the Sky (3:20)
04. The Last Round-Up (2:42)
05. Colorado River (4:31)
06. Cool Water (1:53)
07. Red River Valley (3:17)
08. Empty Saddles (2:36)
09. San Francisco (1:54)
10. Tumbling Tumbleweeds (2:27)
11. The One-Armed Bandit (Nevada) (2:34)
12. Northwest Trail (3:22)

Under Western Skies

See you Monday, neighbor!

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