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Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Cover Pays for It All!

You can't say that this gal doesn't have a sense of humor!

I've found one listing describing this LP as a 1963 release.  I can't say that these arrangements fulfill my notion of "Dixieland," but they are good in their way.

And you have to give HUGE "winning!" points for the gal on the cover!  This is a Miss Liberty I like -- halfway between a coy wave and blacking your eye...

01. Columbia the Gem of the Ocean (2:55)
02. Chicago (2:24)
03. I'm Coming Virginia (3:22)
04. Royal Garden Blues (2:22)
05. The Lonesome Road (6:17)
06. You Are My Sunshine (2:58)
07. Too Marvelous for Words (4:12)
08. Blues in the Night (3:42)
09. Blue Skies (2:13)
10. Midnight in Moscow (2:53)


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