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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Recognizing Vets and the Military -- THANK YOU

My dad's side of the family is well represented in the forces of the USA.  Dad's father served in the stables during WWI;  Dad was in the Army Air Corps; his brother Harold (who I never met) died on a ship in the Mediterranean during WWII.

My brother-in-law served in Vietnam, and a nephew-in-law was one of President Reagan's bodyguard detail once.

To them, and all who have served, you've got my highest thanks and admiration for that service.

Now, whether or not they would appreciate this olde-tyme Military Edition of the Record Round-Up, eh? who knows?

From The Company of Military Historians comes this LP.

Side 1, Tracks 1-12 of this CD, are instrumental, bugle calls and the like.  You know, before text alerts soldiers were given instructions by memorizing a series of different toots on a metal, cornicular instrument.

The discerning listener will recognize melodies used in such venues as Dudley Do-Right, and the wake-up calls and "lights-up" standards of American pop culture (back when we had one).

Side 2. Tracks 13-20, are vocal selections.

01. The Young Recruit (4:37)
02. Hail Columbia (1:43)
03. Garryowen (1:02)
04. Quicksteps 1 2 3 4 5 (4:30)
05. Reveille - Stable Call (0:35)
06. Mess - Sick Call - Fatigue (0:38)
07. Assembly of the Trumpeters - Assembly of Guard Details - Officers' Call (0:33)
08. Watering Call - Drill Call - First Sergeant's Call - Recall (0:29)
09. School Call - Church Call - Fire Call (0:53)
10. Assembly - Adjutant's Call - Boots and Saddles - To Arms (0:41)
11. Retreat - To the Colors (1:12)
12. Tattoo - Extinguish Lights (1:32)
13. Regular Army, O (3:19)
14. Garryowen (2:10)
15. Buffalo Soldiers (1:05)
16. O'Reilly's Gone to Hell (2:38)
17. Fiddler's Green (1:16)
18. Old Arizona Again (1:53)
19. Revelry of the Dying (2:06)
20. The Girl I Left Behind Me (1:33)

Also included is a four-page PDF booklet of the liner notes.

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