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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Maxwell Davies' Vesalii Icones

From a 1970s LP (and added to by a few other short works), we have a creepy depiction of the flailing of a human body, as reinterpreted through the life of Christ.

The "Vesalii Icones" are a series of depictions of a stripped-down human body by Andreas Wessels in the 1500s.

Vesalii Icones
for Cello, Small Instrumental Group & Dancer, J. 85
1      Prima Musculorum
Tabula The Agony In The Garden 5:32
2  Secunda Musculorum
Tabula The Betrayal of Judas 2:33
3 Tertia Musculorum Tabula Christ And Pilate 2:35
4 Quarta Musculorum Tabula The Flagellation 2:04
5 Quinta Musculorum Tabula Christ Condemned To Death 3:51
6 Sexta Musculorum Tabula The Mocking of Christ 2:57
7 Septima Musculorum Tabula Christ Receives The Cross 1:58
8 Octava Musculorum Tabula St. Veronica Wipes His Face 2:52
9 Nona Musculorum Tabula Christ Prepared For Death 1:05
10 Decima Musculorum Tabula Christ Nailed To The Cross 1:58
11 Undecima Musculorum Tabula The Death Of Christ 4:42
12 Duodecima Musculorum Tabula The Descent From The Cross 2:45
13 Deceimateria Musculorum Tabula The Entombment Of Christ 3:00
14 Decimaquarta Musculorum Tabula   The Resurrection - Antichrist 1:50

The Bairns of Brugh
for instrumental ensemble,
J. 176

15 The Bairns of Brugh Runes from a Holy
Island 6:00

Runes from a
Holy Island
for instrumental ensemble, J. 148
16 Runes from a Holy Island First Movement 2:37
17 Runes from a Holy Island Second Movement 0:56
18 Runes from a Holy Island Third Movement 1:58
19 Runes from a Holy Island Fourth Movement 3:58
20 Runes from a Holy Island Fifth Movement 1:36

You can read more about the music, and the artist who inspired it, here.

Here is the Discogs page, including sleeve & disc images from the LP.

It's Track 14 that deliciously chills me the most, the concept that at the Resurrection, out pops ... the Anti-Christ!  (You've GOT to have a sense of humor here.)

Chill yourself.  Or, alternately.

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