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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vaughan Williams' "The Springtime of the Year"

For me there is something deeply affecting about the these folk songs of England, collected by Ralph Vaughan Williams and arranged here.  This is a Musical Heritage Society LP I bought in the early 1980s, with my own graphics.

These are the songs:
Five English Folksongs
1) The Dark-Eyed Sailor
2) The Springtime of the Year
3) Just as the Tide Was Flowing
4) The Lover
5) Wassail Song

6) Bushes and Briars
7) Loch Lomond
8) John Dory
9) Greensleeves
10) Ward, the Pirate
11) Ca' the Yowes
12) The Unquiet Grave
13) The Seeds of Love
14) Early in the Spring
15) The Turtle Dove
16) An Acre of Land

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