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Friday, April 29, 2011

Marking Walpurgis Night

Walpurgis Night used to be marked in Central Europe on April 30th, bleeding into May Day.  Maypoles are surviving relics of the phallic/reproductive origins of this pre-Christian practice.   It has a popular cultural image of wild, orgiastic witches' sabbaths in graveyards, and the like.   But basically, it's a celebration of Spring's arrival.

Mendelssohn's wonderful piece Die Erste Walpurgisnacht ("The First Walpurgisnacht") takes a very sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek perspective on WHY Walpurgis Night is perceived as being so very naughty.  In this orchestral/vocal work, a bunch of lovable hedonists are having a loud party after dark when a couple of stupid and credulous "Christians" hear all the noise and become frightened, running away and telling everybody that it's the devil.

For me, it's just an excuse to put together some fun and creepy music in a compilation to share.  So, if you want to listen to this music after dark tonight, try not to play it so loud you'll raise the dead . . .

Here are the tracks:

1 - CBS Specials - Intro Morton Stevens
2 - The Thing Curtis and The Creepers
3 - Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Off of Me - Pee Wee King & His Golden West Cowboys
4 - Let Sleeping Monsters Sleep - John Wayne Shot Me
5 - Voo Doo Juice - The Ghouls
6 - The Haunted House - Sam the Sham
7 - Slide Her Under the Door - Moses Longpiece
8 - The Green Monster - The Alberto Combo
9 - Haunted Haze - Chris Kevin
10 - Jole Blon's Ghost - Wayne Raney
11 - The Skeleton Dance - Carl Stalling
12 - Mr. Ghost Goes To Town - Zeke Manners & His Swing Billies
13 - Pet Sematary - The Ramones
14 - Sambra Macabre - Harry Breue
15 - Grave Robber at Large - Creature Feature
16 - Do the Zombie - The Symbols
17 - Haunted House - Creed Taylor Orchestra
18 - Laurie - Dickey Lee
19 - Rockin' Bones - Ronnie Dawson
20 - Man Eating Plant - Creepy Clyde
21 - Morgus the Magnificent - Dr John
22 - Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Ralph Marterie and His Marlboro Men
23 - Graveyard Blues - Earl Fuller
24 - Ghost Train - The Corillions
25 - Ghosts from Boot Hill - Hellbender
26 - The Ghost - George Formby
27 - Skeleton Jangle - Original Dixieland Five
28 - Scary Skeleton - Sue Schnitzer
29 - Bogey Wail - Jack Hylton

 And here is the link:


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