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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Twilight Zone - The Movie

This 1983 film was infamous for its uneven segments, and Joe Landis's segment that resulted in the unnecessary death of actor Vic Morrow.  But it should be celebrated as one of Jerry Goldsmith's finest fantasy scores.

This particular compilation is the result of a lot work by other folks, and a little work by me.  The song "The Midnight Special," of course, opens the film, and here it is edited for length to reflect the length of the version heard in the movie.  We also have the TZ theme as heard in the film, narrated by old TZ stand-by Burgess Meredith, who also provided voiceover narration for the entire film.

The other "pop" songs are all from the first segment, "Time Out," which includes music heard on the bar jukebox, and Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze," heard in the Vietnam sequences.

Another fan put together the cartoon music added into the "It's a Good Life" segment.  After the ending segment, which includes the FOURTH rendition of Marius Constant's theme heard in this 2-CD set, we have shortened versions of the music as heard on the original 1983 soundtrack album, which incidentally used the end credits music as an "Overture."

So, here is the 2-CD complete Twilight Zone: The Movie music.

Disc 1 tracks:
1) The Midnight Special (performed by Creedence Clearwater Revival) (Edit) 2:36
2) Main Title - Twilight Zone Theme (Marius Constant) 0:44

Time Out

3) Nights Are Forever (performed by Jennifer Warnes) 3:36
4) Time Change - Questions - The Ledge 4:03
5) Anesthesia (performed by 312) 3:01
6) The KKK 2:34
7) Purple Haze 3:00
8) Yellow Star 1:21
Kick the Can
9) Harp and Love 1:2710) Weekend Visit 1:32
11) Kick the Can 0:36
12) Night Games 1:54
13) Young Again - Take Me With You - A New Guest 10:09

Disc 2 link: 
Disc 2 tracks:
It's a Good Life
1 I Remember - The House 2:30
2 Mouse Wreckers (Carl Stalling) 2:12
3 Bimbo's Initiation I  (Sammy Timberg) 0:254 The Picture 0:34
5 Bimbo's   Initiation II (Sammy Timberg) 0:306 The Sister 0:36
7 Cartoon Collage ( Carl Stalling) 4:57
8 Cartoon Monster 3:06
9 That's All, Ethel 1:4610 Cartoon Music 1:25
11 Teach Me - No More Tricks 3:53

Nightmare at 20,000 Feet12 Cabin Fever - Nervous Pills 2:37
13 No Smoking 2:07
14 On the Wing 1:20
15 A Face in the Window 2:09
16 Hungry Monster - Engine Failure 1:36
17 Twilight Zone Theme - End Credits (Overture) 5:55

Alternates 18 Time Change - Questions - The Ledge (Album Edit) 3:02
19 Young Again - Take Me With You - A New Guest (Album Edit) 5:02
20 Cartoon Monster - That's All, Ethel (Album Edit) 4:2821 On the Wing - A Face in the Window - Hungry Monster - Twilight Zone Theme (with Voiceover) (Album Edit) 4:58

Th-th-th-That's all, folks!

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