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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Let's Hear It for Vaudeville, Folks!

 When the time comes that you say to your friends, "Let's put on a Show!", this is the record you'll wish you had.

No, it's not somebody else's Vaudeville Show.  This is the chance for you and your friends to get up there on the stage and knock 'em dead.

 Just like Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney in 1939's Babes in Arms, you can do it!

And this record is all you need.

Side 1 will teach you the songs, from Opening Curtain, through love songs and dance numbers, to the big sign-off.  But, here's the kicker:

Side 2 has all the songs, in the same arrangements, but with no vocals.  That's right, you and your friends get to sing the lead!  You're putting on the show!

And it's all thanks to our friends at Hoctor, a Division of Dance Records, Inc.  The songs include:

01. Vaudeville (2:49)
02. I Never Thot (2:04)
03. Copycats (1:54)
04. Alice from Dallas (2:31)
05. Once Upon a Time (2:41)
06. Minuet Mambo (2:17)
07. We’ve Got to Go (0:56)
08. Vaudeville (Instrumental) (2:49)
09. I Never Thot (Instrumental) (2:03)
10. Copycats (Instrumental) (1:53)
11. Alice from Dallas (Instrumental) (2:31)
12. Once Upon a Time (Instrumental) (2:41)
13. Minuet Mambo (Instrumental) (2:16)
14. We’ve Got to Go (Instrumental) (0:58)

Listen and see if you don't agree that Track 3, "Copycats," is a musical "copycat" of Leroy Anderson's 1945 "The Syncopated Clock."

Let me know about your show!  See you Monday.

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