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Monday, March 27, 2017

Racy Egyptian Music

Of course, an alternate title for this post might be (to echo the Wings song) "Spirits of Ancient Egypt."

This 1979 album  features music composed for King Tut -- actually, composed as background music for the showing of Tut's stuff in Seattle.

The pieces are:

01. The Lamentations of Isis (3:03)
02. The Land of the Blessed (6:55)
03. Hymn to Osiris (5:28)
04. The Boat of Millions of Years (4:53)
05. The Holy Lotus (3:36)
06. Funeral Procession (5:07)
07. Hymn for Sunrise (5:28)
08. The Triumph of the Deceased (5:38)

... which reminds me of a T-shirt owned by my friend Maggie Melton, in 1977.  It was purple, but otherwise similar to this one:
I bet, after you hear this evocative music, you won't sniff and say, "Tut, tut."

Nothing like oud times ....

See you next Monday!

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