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Monday, April 3, 2017

King Size King (re-post)

Now, here’s some fun for April, or any time!

Oklahoma City’s KOKH-Fox 25 had a Fox Kids Club block on weekday afternoons in the 1990s.  The host was a big ol’ guy named Mark Barragar; his character was “Ranger Roger.”

Mark was also a Star Trek fan, appearing more than once at local conventions in full Klingon garb.  That’s the venue in which I met him.  We had many fond discussions of old monster movies and pop culture in general.

As another of his many pursuits, Mark was an Elvis tribute artist!

In the 2000s, Joyce and I saw him perform as the King several times, once at Moore’s Yellow Rose Theatre, where we bought this CD.

1) 2001 / That's Alright Mama
2)  Hound Dog
3)  Treat Me Nice
4)  Love Me
5)  Follow That Dream
6)  Viva Las Vegas
7)  In the Ghetto
8)  Wonder of You
9)  American Trilogy
10)  I Can't Stop Loving You

You can find a few more tributes here:

See you next Monday!

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