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Monday, April 24, 2017

Circus Time with Dukes of Dixieland

Who could pass by an album like this?  I certainly couldn’t!

It came about in 1958.  Liner notes explain all the exciting or gory details (take your pick).  Scans of these narrations are enclosed, of course.

01. Billboard March (2:10)
02. Entry of the Gladiators (Thunder and Blazes March) (2:12)
03. The Man on the Flying Trapeze (2:39)
04. Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay (2:07)
05. A Vision of Salome (3:34)
06. In a Persian Market (4:11)
07. Washington Post March (2:23)
08. Asleep in the Deep (3:04)
09. Over the Waves (3:41)
10. Swinging William (2:51)
11. Merry Widow (2:17)
12. Go Galop (2:53)

.... but don’t eat the yellow snowcone!

See you next Monday!

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  1. Certainly all Audio Fidelity records are splendid. THANKS A LOT!