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Monday, March 20, 2017

Ukrainian Songs -- Heavy-Duty Folk Music

From some time in the late 1950s or early 1960s, we have this fiery set of music presented by Eugenia Zareska.

Make no mistake.  While she looks like a demure farm maiden, this woman's vocal cords could hold you down while her tonsils stomp you to death.

01. Oy, Pid Hayem Zelenenkym (The Widow’s Love Song), Folksong (5:19)
02. Ty Skazala "Pryidy, pryidy" (“You asked me to come ...”), Humorous folksong (1:39)
03. Synia Chiechka (The Blue Flower), Popular song (2:46)
04. Chorna Kura  (The Black Hen), Folksong (2:34)
05. Oy, Nahnuvsia Dub Vysokyi (The Tall Oak Tree), Love song (4:12)
06. Duda (Bagpipe), Humorous folksong (1:52)
07. Verkhovyn, Highlander’s song (3:22)
08. Y Snylosia a Nochi Divchyni (And the girl was dreaming last night), Love song (1:46)
09. Oy, Vershe Miy, Vershe (“O, my green mountain top”), Folksong (3:25)
10. Chom-chom Ne Pryishov? (“Why, why didn’t you come?”), Folksong (1:42)
11. Vivtsi Moyi, Vivtsi, Shepherd’s song (3:56)
12. Oy, Ne Khody, Hrytsiu, Folk ballad (4:21)

And when you read the "synopses" of the songs, you will come to the conclusion that the Ukrainian folk must be pretty dam' depressed, if their folks songs are all about oak leaves making you feel "life's so distant, I'm alone."  Or when a "humorous" folk song  BEGINS with your loved one dying and leaving you his bagpipe.  Or a cheerful folk ballad in which a girl poisons her fella because he can't keep it in his pants around other farm girls.

Sheesh, guys!  Lighten up!

Now you can listen for yourself and find out why they need to get blitzed on vodka to forget their troubles.

On the bright side, the logo for Urania Records is pretty neat.
Go ahead -- I dare ya!  Let li'l ol' Eugenia charm your blues.

See you next Monday.

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