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Thursday, October 6, 2016

It's a Monster Rally!

This 1959 album has so much going for it.

To begin with, the front cover art is by the great late Jack Davis, artist and caricaturist of MAD and TV Guide renown.

One participant is Alice Pearce, whose early years include being recruited from Broadway to Hollywood by Gene Kelly, for the film version of On the Town.  She's most widely known for her role as the snoopy neighbor Gladys Kravitz for two seasons of Bewitched.

But, as with everybody, there's a lot more to know.  Pearce has a wonderful way with these silly songs, even the mock-dramatic ones.

The other headliner is Uncle Tonoose himself, Hans Conried, to whom entertainment came as naturally as hamming it up.  Other personae known and loved by Baby Boomers are the animated characters Snidely Whiplash and Captain Hook.

1  Monster Rally
2  Flying Saucer
3  Close the Door
4  The Dracula Trot
5  Not of This Earth
6  (I'm In Love With) The Creature from the Black Lagoon
7  What Do You Hear From The Red Planet
8  The Thing
9  Mostly Ghostly
10  The Purple People Eater
11  The Invisible Man
12  Take Us To Your President

Some of these songs are covers; some are cute and even witty.  But all are fun, thanks to the stylistic genius of Pearce and Conried, and the record writer/producers.

Monster Rally

See you Monday!

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