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Monday, October 24, 2016

Hallmark Spooky Sounds

From 1989, here's a fun bit of noise and melody.

01. Spooky Sound Effects - and More! (30:08)
02. The Munsters (3:59)
03. Monster Mash (3:54)
04. The Addams Family (3:55)
05. Ghostbusters (5:37)
06. The Twilight Zone (5:23)
07. Dark Shadows (4:24)
08. Haunting Melody (4:15)

Track One is the first side of this cassette; the other tracks comprise Side Two.  Plenty of good, nonbloody Halloween spirits.

Hallmark Spooky Sounds 1989 

Happy Hauntings ... See you on Thursday.


  1. You're posting some great Halloween sounds and music this year! Thank you very much!!!
    Stevo In Yr Stereo of Nightmare City Halloween