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Thursday, October 20, 2016

CD Creepies

This thrift-store find was unusual in its packaging.  The image you see above was folded and inserted into the CD case.  As you can tell, it has been trimmed on the left side.  This piece looks like the topper of a small countertop display that would hold the CDs for sale.

The label says it's "3-in-1 audio fun!"  That's because there's a block of stock music which is mostly effective; a group of sound effects; and a "Monster Story" at the end.

The track groupings break down this way:

1)  Contata and Fugue     
2)  Frenzy #1
3)  Torment  
4)  Psycho
5)  Private Lab  
6)  The Unexpected
7)  Night on Bald Mountain
8)  Angel of Death
9)  The Devil Rides    
10)  Lucifer's Choir
11)  Troubled Voices
12)  Sinister Street
13)  Spinecharge
14)  Omen
15)  Marked Man
16)  Sleeper Awaits
  time 33:25

17)  Thunder and Rain
18)  Bats Flying in Cave
19)  Electric Lab
20)  Mad Man Laugh
21)  Witch's Laugh
22)  Church Bell Toll
23)  Wolf Howl
24)  Owl Hoot
25)  Beast Roar
26)  Heart Speeds Up
27)  Creaky Door
28)  Rattling Chains
29)  Monster Scream
30)  Laboratory Chemicals
31)  Crazy Machine
32)  Barking Blood Hounds
33)  Attack Dog Fight
34)  Squeaking Rats
35)  Eerie Wind
36)  Terrified Crowd
37)  Woman Ghost (Sad)
38)  Poltergeist (Happy)
39)  Cat Meow
40)  Horrified Woman
41)  Horrified Man
42)  Water Drip In Cave
43)  Hounds Of Hell
44)  Castle Footsteps
45)  Haunted House Creak
46)  Kookaburra Bird Laugh
  time 19:07

47)  Monster Story
  time 11:33

total time 1:04:05

CD Creepies

See you on Monday!

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