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Monday, January 25, 2016

Re-Post: Song of the Second Moon / Electronic Music

An ethernetic friend sent this comment last week:

Just found your site - very interesting.
Now for an ask - could you please re-up this album. It was cited by David Bowie as one of his favourites of all time and I can't find it anywhere else :-) 

Another cover for the same album is:

The tracks are:

1)  Song of the Second Moon
2)  Moon Maid
3)  The Ray Makers
4)  The Visitor from Inner Space
5)  Sonik Re-Entry
6)  Orbit Aurora
7)  Twilight Ozone
8)  Pianoforte

My comments from the original post:

This is another secret pleasure from childhood ... Track 5, "Sonik Re-Entry," was grilled into my brain from early on.  KVOO, Channel 2 in Tulsa, used it as the title music for Fantastic Theatre, a late-Saturday-night monsters-and-SF-movie showcase.

Once a year or so,
Fantastic Theatre would show King Dinosaur, a cheesy 1955 movie that I yearned for because it had DINOSAURS!  So, even though I was eight or so years old, Mom and Dad would allow me to stay up late to watch it.

This started me on a lifetime of bad habits, which culminated with Mazeppa Pompazoidi, Second City TV, and MadTV.

Whenever I hear "Sonik Re-Entry," I'm transported back in time to that mental or emotional age when life is an adventure and any good thing is possible!

Space Out!

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