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Monday, November 21, 2016

Tales from the Western Union

It's not often that you find a release so obscure that you get to create the album's Discogs page.

But now is that time.  Found in a thrift store, sponsored by a grant from the Key West, FL Arts council, we have Tales from the Western Union.

This is a group that plays Celtic-influenced music with the typical dulcimer, guitar, and fiddle arrangements.  It's well played, but my appetite is quickly sated.

01. Sailor's Hornpipe (2:01)
02. Haul Away Joe (2:00)
03. Banish Misfortune (2:11)
04. Over the Waterfall - Soldier's Joy (2:41)
05. Road to Lisdoonvarna (1:54)
06. Jamie Allen (2:04)
07. Shebeg, Shemor (3:55)
08. Key West Hornpipe (2:09)
09. I'll See You in C-U-B-A (3:24)
10. Golden Slippers (2:05)
11. Kesh Jig - Morrison's Jig (2:51)
12. Rosetree - Swingin' on a Gate (3:15)
13. Trafalgar Hornpipe (2:07)
14. Liberty (2:14)
15. Planxty Irwin (3:37)
16. Red Haired Boy (Little Beggar Man) (3:09)
17. Midnight on the Water (3:43)

Tales from the Western Union -- Zimmerman & Friends

See you Thursday.

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