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Monday, November 14, 2016

Roland Shaw's Boffo Arrangements

Roland Shaw was a British conductor and arranger.  After WWII he hit a gold mine when he began arranging cover versions for the newly popular spy genre.  His arrangments are nealy always energetic and thoughtful, even if they don't exactly reproduce the "original versions" of TV or film themes.

1)  Diamonds Are Forever
2)  From Russia with Love
3)  Gypsy Camp
4)  Thunderball
5)  Teasing the Korean
6)  You Only Live Twice
7)  The Wedding
8)  Casino Royale
9)  007 Theme
10)  Diamonds Are Forever — Reprise
11)  Goldfinger
12)  The Look of Love
13)  Mr Kiss-Kiss Bang-Bang
14)  On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
15)  Capsules in Space
16)  Kingston Calypso
17)  Talia Meets Klebb
18)  Miami
19)  Spectre Island
20)  Underneath the Mango Tree
21)  Guitar Lament
22)  Death of Goldfinger
23)  Mission Impossible
24)  Peter Gunn
25)  Wednesday’s Child
26)  The James Bond Theme

More Themes from James Bond and Other Spy Themes

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