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Monday, December 28, 2015

After-Yule Spying

Here are two albums oriented to cash in on the 1960s  James Bond craze.

When he released this LP in 1964, it was plain that Si Zentner wanted  you to get a BANG out of this record!

01 - The James Bond Theme
02 - Burke’s Law Theme
03 - Mr Lucky
04 - Dragnet
05 - The Third Man Theme
06 - Peter Gunn
07 - From Russia With Love
08 - M Squad Theme
09 - Charade
10 - Bond’s “007” Theme
11 - The Man With the Golden Arm
12 - The Fugitive Theme

+    +    +    +

This 1965 release takes a big-band-type of approach to the James Bond.

01 - Thunderball (from the film “Thunderball”)
02 - The Knack (from the film “The Knack”)
03 - Theme from “The F.B.I.”
04 - A Man Alone (from the film “The Ipcress File”)
05 - Theme from “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.”
06 - Mister Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (from the film “Thunderball”)
07 - Theme for “Honey West”
08 - I Spy (from the TV show “I Spy”)
09 - Theme from “Trials of O'Brien”
10 - The Young Set (from the film “The Young Set”)

I’m taking off next Thursday for New Year’s.  See you January 4th!


  1. It's safe to spy, now that our presents are no longer being hidden in the closet ...