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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Two Honeytree Releases

Nancy Henigbaum recorded under the English translation of her German-heritage last name.

The first album, self-titled, is a 1973 Myrrh release.  I always wondered if she picked the cover photo to show humility.  It’s certainly not flattering.

01 - Only God 2:43
02 - Treasures        2:56
03 - Sweet Rain      2:00
04 - Hallelujah, Outasight       1:42
05 - Job's Song       1:58
06 - Resist The Devil       3:47
07 - So Much Man   2:05
08 - Clean Before My Lord      3:00
09 - I Don't Have To Worry     2:36
10 - Honeytree       4:57

So many songs are simple yet meaningful. A dear friend, Susan Talley Brinkman, sang track two, “Treasures,” to us at our wedding January 14, 1978.  Several other readers of this blog have commented that it was featured at their wedding, too.

The Way I Feel was her second album, released on Myrrh in 1974.

01 - Simple Song
02 - I've Got a Lot to Learn
03 - Precious Promises
04 - I Believe in Heaven
05 - Drinkin’      
06 - Honeytree
07 - Little Things
08 - You and Me
09 - Hummer, Bummer, Bashmobile
10 - Dove
11 - Heaven's Gonna Be a Blast

Not as many songs touch me as deeply here, compared to her first LP.  I think the first track on this album is the best.

See you Monday for more Christmas music.

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  1. Someone said I could get a playing of the song "Treasures" here, how?