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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Re-Post: Mel Brooks' Greatest Hits

Her is a post from last year, but now with AN ACTIVE LINK.  It's a great album of film music by John Morris, for some great movies.

As you can tell by the cover, the release of High Anxiety in 1977 was the reason (or excuse, or prompting, etc) for this record's existence.  Side One was music from that film, and all the other selections, on Side Two of the LP, were from other Brooks movies.

If I remember correctly, Side One clocked in at around 14 minutes, while the music on Side Two was closer to 30 minutes!

High Anxiety

1   Main Title  3:01 
2   High Anxiety  2:32 
3   Anxious Theme  2:55 
4   If You Love Me Baby, Tell Me Loud  1:33 
5   End Title  2:38 

The Producers
6   Springtime For Hitler  3:24 
7   Prisoners Of Love  2:25 

The Twelve Chairs
8   Hope For The Best, Expect The Worst  2:38 
9   Vorobyaninov's Theme (The Walk Through Russia)  3:15 

Blazing Saddles
10   Blazing Saddles  2:20 
11   The French Mistake  0:31 
12   I'm Tired  4:36 

Young Frankenstein
13   Main Title  2:54 
14   Puttin' On The Ritz  3:34 

Silent Movie
15   Burt Reynold's House  2:16 
16   Silent Movie March  2:58  


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  1. I'll be glad to comment. Love the post and love the blog. I actually had a date once who did not UNDERSTAND Mel Brooks humor. Not that it was beneath him, he did not understand it. Like I said, we had a date ONCE. Keep up the good work.

  2. You may remember that somewhere in the Bible it says that a good person will imitate God. Well, I think you and I and Mel Brooks are imitating God when we see the humor in silly things. As I always say, I know God has a sense of humor; I see proof every time I look into a mirror!

  3. Hm.. I just tried the link and got Star Trek & The Black Hole.

  4. Link corrected. Thanks! -- Mark