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Monday, October 31, 2011

Under the Halloween Tree

We end this Halloween season with a bit of gentle fun, John Debney's enchanting soundtrack to the 1994 telefilm The Halloween Tree.  It was based of course on Ray Bradbury's fun tour of Halloween origins, the volume of the same name.

Here are the tracks:

01. Main Titles
02. Our Costumes
03. Pip's House
04. The Note / The Ravine
05. The Funeral March / Stairs
06. The Marley Knocker
07. Meeting Moundshroud
08. Pip and the Tree
09. Where is Pip?
10. The Barn Poster Kite
11. Landing in Egypt
12. Feast of the Spirits
13. Through the Streets
14. The Tomb Chase
15. Mummies
16. Pip's Casket
17. Funeral Procession
18. Leaving Egypt
19. Medieval Festival / New Years'
20. Stonehenge
21. Broomsticks
22. Witches Hideout
23. "What's a Witch?"
24. Witches Chant
25. Burnings and Flight
26. The Construction Yard
27. Sanctuary
28. The Cathedral
29. The Whistle / Gargoyles
30. Gargoyle Chase pt. 1
31. Gargoyle Chase pt. 2
32. Next Stop, Mexico!
33. Candle-lit Graves
34. Gargoyles Dissipate
35. Sugar Candy Skulls / Piñata
36. The Catacombs / Pip Trapped
37. The Trade
38. Coming Back
39. Pip's Alive! / Moundshroud's Pumpkin
40. End Titles

And here is the link:

And, as the butcher said when he sold me the empty frankfurter casing,


Friday, October 28, 2011

You Heard it in Alien

When I first saw Alien in the theatre in 1979, I snuck out to the lobby after it ended and called my wife from a pay phone, telling her I was going to sneak back into the movie and watch it a second time -- which I did.  (No way would she have wanted to go to a scary movie!)

After all the frights and tension, it was most charming to sit back and watch the final few moments of the movie, as Lt Ripley relaxes into her well-earned hypersleep, to the accompanying sound of lush, almost decadent-sounding classical music, which continued into the end credits.

If you, too, were enraptured by this music, you can listen to it again here.  It's from Symphony 1, "Romantic," by American composer Howard Hanson.

This compilation contains his first and second symphonies, along with another piece that tickled my musical fancy when I heard it, Lament for Beowulf.  (Being an English major and all.)

Here are the selections:
Symphony No. 1, Op. 22 -
1) I. Andante solenne - Allegro con forza
2) II. Andante teneramente, con semplicita
3) III. Allegro con fuoco
4) Lament for Beowulf - Op. 25
Symphony No. 2, Op. 30 -
5) I. Adagio - Allegro moderato
6) II. Andante con tenerezza
7) III. Allegro con brio

Here is the link: 

See you Monday to wrap up the Halloween Season!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Listen for the Clanking Skeletons

This fine selection of fantasy film music by master Bernard Herrmann is another selection that has lapsed from current release.  It features music from four films:

1) Journey to the Center of the Earth
2) The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad
3) The Day the Earth Stood Still
4) Fahrenheit 451

Here is the link:


Monday, October 24, 2011

Ghouls with Attitude, Volume 2

Here is the second installation of Oddio Overplay’s Halloween record.  As I said last Monday, the comps are sadly no longer available from them!

Here are the tracks:
1)  Billy DeMarcus - Drac's Back
2)  Movie Trailer - Ghost In The Invisible Bikini
3)  Peter Pan Singers  - Theme to Casper the Friendly Ghost
4)  The Creatures - Mostly Ghostly
5)   Tyrone A' Saurus & his Cro-Magnons - The Monster Twist
6)  Mann Drake - Vampire's Ball
7)  Movie Trailer - The Return of Count Yorga
8)  The Hamburger Brothers - Omar The Vampire
9)  The Zanies - The Mad Scientist
10)  The Cool Ghoul - You Can't Ghoul Me
11)  Ted Cassidy - The Lurch
12)  The Detergents - Igor's Cellar
13)  The Milton the Monster Show - Theme Song
14)  Movie Trailer - Graveyard Tramps
15)  Cathy Mills - Monster Hop
16)  Glen Ryle - Wolf Gal
17)  Movie Trailer - Dr. Jeckyl and Sister Hyde
18)  Ralph Marterie and His Marlboro Men -  Alfred Hitchcock Presents
19)  Lois Prante Ellis and Mary Ann Parker - Troll At The General Meeting
20)  Jimmy Cross - I Want My Baby Back
21)  Count Baltes & The Egors - Opening The Coffin
22)  Sounds of Terror! - The Exorcism
23)  Al Zanino - The Vampire Speaks

And here is the link:  

  See you again soon!

Friday, October 21, 2011

[untitled] Halloween sounds

I came across this CD in a way I can't now recal.  It's a single track of various anguished sounds , cries, and such.  It's safe to play in the background while the kids come up to yur porch (no swear words like some I've heard).

I gussied it up with a CD front & rear case insert, should you wish.  The original had none, by the time I got it.

One track of thunder - bats - crunching bones - night creatures - growls - screams - barks - howls - creaks - clanks - cries

And here is the link:

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's Fantastic !

Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique is a well-known classic with a wonderfully creepy ending -- movement 5, the "Dream of a Witches' Sabbath," featuring the "Dies Irae" theme.   Here we have a piano transcription.

The tracks:
1. I. Reveries - Passions
2. II. Un Bal
3. III. Scene Aux Champs
4. IV. Marche Au Supplice
5. V. Songe D'une Nuit Du Sabbat

The link:

Monday, October 17, 2011

Ghouls with Attitude, Volume 1

The Oddio Overplay website no longer seems to carry this anthology of fun and “scary” music.  Glad I found it first to share with you!

This is Volume 1.  Next Monday will bring Volume 2.

Here are the tracks:

1 Tarantula Ghoul and the Gravediggers - Graveyard Rock   
2 Don Hinson and the Rigamorticians - Riboflavin-Flavored, Non-Carbonated, Polyunsatured Blood   
3 Movie Trailer - Vampire Playgirls   
4 Bobby Bare - Vampira   
5 The Crewnecks - Rockin' Zombie   
6 Griz Green - Jam at the Mortuary   
7 Movie Trailer - Monsters Crash the Pajama Party   
8 The MSR Singers - Monster Man   
9 The Abominable Surfers - Monster Surfer   
10 Bobby 'Boris' Jones - Surfer Smash   
11 Jupiter Jones - The Spook Spoke   
12 Bob McFadden and Dor - I Dig You Baby   
13 Movie Trailer - The Mind of Mr. Soames   
14 Albert DeSalvo - Strangler in the Night   
15 Kenny and the Fiends - House on Haunted Hill   
16 Winchell's Donut House Halloween Record - Hear the Monsters (Spooky Sounds and a Spooky Tale)   
17 Buddy Morrow and His Orchestra - The Raven   
18 The Modernaires - The Rockin' Ghost   
19 Bob Rosengarden & Phil Kraus - Satan Takes a Holiday   
20 Boris Karloff and Friends - Ha Ha Ha / The Bride of Frankenstein   
21 Movie Trailer - Brain Eaters   
22 Groovie Goolies - Goolie Garden   
23 Hap Palmer - Haunted House   
24 Bruce Haack and Norman Bridwell - The Witch's Vacation   
25 Sounds of Terror! - Burned at the Stake    
26 Louise Huebner - Intro Orgies, a Tool of Witchcraft   
27 Marty Manning and His Orchestra - Night on Bald Mountain   
28 Criswell (The Legendary) - Someone Walked Over My Grave  

and here is the link:

Friday, October 14, 2011

Well, Swash My Buckles!

This is a great recording of some fun and moving music.

These are the tracks:

1.   Prologue (Main Title) (01:34)
2.   Banquet At Nottingham Castle (01:52)
3.   Robin Enters The Great Hall (00:56)
4.   Escape From The Castle (05:09)
5.   Robin Meets Little John (01:38)
6.   The Oath And The Black Arrow (01:54)
7.   Robin And Friar Tuck (01:24)
8.   Ambush In Sherwood (03:01)
9.   Feast In The Forest (02:52)
10.   Robin And Marian (03:09)
11.   The Archery Tournament (03:04)
12.   Escape From The Gallows (02:13)
13.   Love Scene (05:40)
14.   Dagger Fight: King Richard In Sherwood (02:07)
15.   Coronation Procession (03:05)
16.   Duel, Victory And Epilogue (03:22)

And here is the link:

See ya Monday . . .

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Billy Strange's "Secret Agent File"

With his big ol' guitar and swaggering beat, guitarist Billy strange puts his own mark on some familiar spy tunes.

Here are the tracks:

1            Thunderball
2            A Man Alone
3            9th Man Theme
4            I Spy
5            The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Theme
6            The James Bond Theme
7            Our Man Flint
8            The Spy Who Came in from the Cold
9            Run Spy Run
10          Get Smart
11          007 Theme
12          Goldfinger

And here is the link:


Monday, October 10, 2011

CD Creepies

A little shivering music, Maestro!  -- or should it be Monstro?

These are the tracks:

1)  Contata and Fugue  
2)  Frenzy #1
3)  Torment
4)  Psycho
5)  Private Lab    
6)  The Unexpected
7)  Night on Bald Mountain     
8)  Angel of Death
9)  The Devil Rides       
10)  Lucifer's Choir
11)  Troubled Voices    
12)  Sinister Street
13)  Spinecharge
14)  Omen
15)  Marked Man 
16)  Sleeper Awaits
  time 33:25

17)  Thunder and Rain  
18)  Bats Flying in Cave
19)  Electric Lab  
20)  Mad Man Laugh
21)  Witch's Laugh        
22)  Church Bell Toll
23)  Wolf Howl     
24)  Owl Hoot
25)  Beast Roar   
26)  Heart Speeds Up
27)  Creaky Door 
28)  Rattling Chains
29)  Monster Scream
30)  Laboratory Chemicals
31)  Crazy Machine       
32)  Barking Blood Hounds
33)  Attack Dog Fight    
34)  Squeaking Rats
35)  Eerie Wind   
36)  Terrified Crowd
37)  Woman Ghost (Sad)        
38)  Poltergeist (Happy)
39)  Cat Meow     
40)  Horrified Woman
41)  Horrified Man
42)  Water Drip In Cave
43)  Hounds Of Hell      
44)  Castle Footsteps
45)  Haunted House Creak     
46)  Kookaburra Bird Laugh
  time 19:07

47)  Monster Story        
  time 11:33

total time 1:04:05

And here is the link:

Friday, October 7, 2011

Major Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller's civilian orchestra could not ompete with the talent assembled for him by the US Government as he played for his service comrades in WWII.

These performances were all live recordings, hence the applause at the end of the selections,  I feel like joining in.

These are the tracks:

01 - Over There
02 - The G. I. Jive
03 - Peggy the Pin-Up Girl
04 - Speak Low
05 - Tail-End Charlie
06 - Anvil Chorus
07 - Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'
08 - There Are Yanks
09 - Pistol Packin' Mama
10 - Everybody Loves My Baby
11 - Enlisted Men's Mess
12 - I'll Be Around
13 - There'll Be a Hot Time in the Town of Berlin
14 - People Will Say We're in Love
15 - Pearls on Velvet
16 - St. Louis Blues March
17 - Poinciana
18 - It Must Be Jelly ('Cause Jam Don't Shake Like That)
19 - Jeep Jockey Jump
20 - Victory Polka
21 - Farewell Blues

And here is the link:

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Peter Maxewll Davies' "Vesalii Icones"

This is modern music, perhaps an a-tonal music.  Nevertheless it music that can be very moving.  The piece

There's also an insert shewing these Stations.

Some other pieces are included afterwards.

  Here are the tracks in this compilation:
Vesalii Icones
for Cello, Small Instrumental Group & Dancer, J. 85
1 Prima Musculorum Tabula The Agony In The Garden 5:32
2 Secunda Musculorum Tabula The Betrayal Of Judas 2:33
3 Tertia Musculorum Tabula Christ And Pilate 2:35
4 Quarta Musculorum Tabula The Flagellation 2:04
5 Quinta Musculorum Tabula Christ Condemned To Death 3:51
6 Sexta Musculorum Tabula The Mocking Of Christ 2:57
7 Septima Musculorum Tabula Christ Receives The Cross 1:58
8 Octava Musculorum Tabula St. Veronica Wipes His Face 2:52
9 Nona Musculorum Tabula Christ Prepared For Death 1:05
10 Decima Musculorum Tabula Christ Nailed To The Cross 1:58
11 Undecima Musculorum Tabula The Death Of Christ 4:42
12 Duodecima Musculorum Tabula The Descent From The Cross 2:45
13 Deceimateria Musculorum Tabula The Entombment Of Christ 3:00
14 Decimaquarta Musculorum Tabula The Resurrection - Antichrist 1:50
The Bairns of Brugh for instrumental ensemble, J. 17615 The Bairns of Brugh Runes from a Holy Island 6:00
Runes from a Holy Island for instrumental ensemble, J. 14816 Runes from a Holy Island First Movement 2:37
17 Runes from a Holy Island Second Movement 0:56
18 Runes from a Holy Island Third Movement 1:58
19 Runes from a Holy Island Fourth Movement 3:58
20 Runes from a Holy Island Fifth Movement 1:36

And here is the link:



"Vesalii Icones" is twelve movements based on Tarot cards melded with various traditions of "Stations of the Cross."

Monday, October 3, 2011

MA-16 - Ghos-terrific Sounds

Here is your 2011 Halloween compilation of scare-tastic fun.

These are the tracks:

1        Mr After Halloween Costume Shop Salesman      Al Lowe       1:00
2        "The Return of Dracula": The End     Gerald Fried         4:08
3        Teenage Frankenstein  Alice Cooper        3:27
4        Trick or Treat       Andrew Gold        3:23
5        Everybody Loves You When You're Dead Stranglers   2:39
6        Creature from the Black Leather Lagoon      The Cramps      3:12
7        Count Dracula      All About Halloween       1:09
8        Halloween in Heaven     Type O Negative  4:50
9        The Nightmare Before Christmas      Pharaoh Atem      1:37
10      Godzilla (Album Version)         Blue Oyster Cult   3:42
11      Halloween Parade         David Berkeley        3:16
12      Gigantor      Helmet          4:12
13      Surfin' Halloween Big Chopper         1:27
14      Count Dracula      Robbie the Werewolf      5:09
15      Halloween Monster Mania       stAllio!           7:55
16      Planet of the Apes         Frankenstein Drag Queens       3:00
17      The Legend of Wooley Swamp         Charlie Daniels       3:56
18      Spooks of Halloween Town       Yoko Shimomura           1:20
19      Hand of Blood      Bullet for My Valentine   3:37
20      Casper, the Friendly Ghost          Peter Pan Singers    0:53
21      Scary Song Frankenstein Drag Queens        2:37
22      Zombie Stomp           H. Zombie featuring Toño Pneumo        4:14
23      Halloween Party       Sue Schnitzer  3:54
24      Frankenstein Rock         Eddie Thomas      1:50
25      I Want a Monster      Prairie Dawn     2:12