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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The World of James Bond Adventure!

More great arrangements by Roland Shaw and his orchestra, along with a few cloying arrangements with cloying vocals.
Here are the tracks on the CD:
1)  The James Bond Theme
2)  Diamonds Are Forever
3)  You Only Live Twice
4)  The Wedding
5)  Goldfinger
6)  Dawn Raid on Fort Knox
7)  Arrival of the Bomb and Countdown
8)  Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus
9)  From Russia with Love
10)  Thunderball
11)  Bond Below Disco Volante
12)  Chateau Fight
13)  Casino Royale
14)  The Look of Love
15)  Let the Love Come Through
16)  Jump Up
17)  Dr No’s Fantasy
18)  Twisting with James
19)  Girl Trouble
20)  Mr Kiss-Kiss Bang-Bang
21)  On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
22)  The 007 Theme

And here is the link: 

Happy Bonding!


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