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Monday, June 27, 2011

Renaissance Music Festival

Why these dances are called "Pleghmish Dances," I don't know. Nobody SOUNDS sick.

These are the pieces to the Festival:
Tielman Susato: Suite of Dances
1. I. Basse danse "La mourisque"
II. Branle and "Fagot"
2. III. Two Rondes
IV. Basse danse and Reprise
V. Allemaingne and Recoupe
3. VI. Pavane "Mille regretz"
VII. Pavane "La bataille"

4. Lodovico Viadana: Canzon "La Padovana" (a 8)
5. Andrea Gabrieli: Ricercar del Duodecimo Tuono (a 4)
6. Giovanni Battista Grillo: Canzon (a 4)
7. Giovanni Gabrieli: Canzon terza (a 4)
8. Florentio Maschera: Canzon "La Fontana" (a 4)
9. Giovanni Gabrieli: Canzon quarta (a 4)
10. Canzon Septimi Toni (a 8)

And here is where it's at:


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