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Monday, September 12, 2016

Switched On Beatles – It Came from 1991 to Rot Your Mind!


TRACK LIST of the Damned:

Stephen Marston - Switched On Beatles (46:56)

01. Got To Get You into My Life (4:20)
02. Day Tripper (4:00)
03. Yesterday (2:50)
04. Here Comes the Sun (3:50)
05. Get Back (3:47)
06. Let It Be (5:07)
07. Girl (4:39)
08. When I'm Sixty-Four (2:50)
09. Hey Jude (4:45)
10. Something (3:03)
11. The Long and Winding Road (3:46)
12. A Day in the Life (3:59)

          This is copyrighted 1991, but it certainly sounds as if it were hatched about 1983.  Every sound has been processed through red-hot synthesizer tubes for ultimate pasteurization.

          The arrangements are perky and interesting enough.  But a truly evil genius is apparent – when you’re able to listen to a whole minute or so – before you can even figure out what Beatle song the track is.

          Yes, the sinister magic apparent here is of the really frightening kind.  This album takes everything distinctive about the Beatles sound – and removes it!  All that was creative in the Beatles’ music – gone!

          This is the Pod Peoples’ version of the Beatles.  It is frightening to reflect that it was intended as a commercial release – I mean, somebody thought this would make money!  This stupendous achievement in trivialization is the auditory equivalent of dining on Styrofoam and sawdust:  You might be filled, but to no nutritional end.  Something happened, but whatever happened WASN'T EVEN THERE!

          This album will be played in the elevators of Hell for all eternity.


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