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Monday, September 5, 2016

David Montgomery -- The Piano

I found my first copy of this LP around 1982 when the Peaches Records and Tapes store in OKC at NW 63rd and May was going out of business.

The music is diverting and simply lovely.  Not necessarily deep thoughts, but charming and enjoyable.

The above note was a separate insert inside the sleeve.

1)  Waltz in E♭(“Frau Lieserl juhe!”) - Carl Maria von Weber
2)  Four Country Dances - Ludwig van Beethoven
3)  Five Waltzes from Opus 30 - Johannes Brahms
4)  Twelve Landler, Opus 171 - Franz Schubert
5)  Alt Wien - Leopold Godowsky

Also included is a PDF of the liner notes, "About the Music."

Relax and listen!
See you Thursday, mates.

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