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Monday, August 22, 2016

This Is Going to Get Mushy

I couldn't tell you where my dear wife picked up this "generic" collection of faith-and-family songs.  Some seem a little cheesy, but I can take away a bit of inspiration from most of them.

01 - Butterfly Kisses
02 - A Child's Love
03 - I Want to Be Just Like You
04 - Father's Eyes
05 - Midnight Oil
06 - That's What My Father Would Do
07 - Somewhere in the World
08 - Sometimes Miracles Hide
09 - Daddy's Hands
10 - Parent's Prayer
11 - The Keeper
12 - When It's Time to Go
13 - Always Be a Child
14 - Innocent Eyes

Track #8, narrating the experiences of a family helping their Downs-syndrome child grow up, is meaningful to us because we've a close family member with Downs.  Track #7 has made me tear up a little for the past 20 years or so as I wonder if my kids will ever find a "right" person for whom THEY can become the "right" person.

So if you don't mind acknowledging your own emotional side, give a listen.

Butterfly Kisses: A Collection Celebrating God and Family Relationships

 See you Thursday.

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