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Monday, November 23, 2015

Music of the Crusades: Songs of Love and War

Here's a fascinatin' conglomeration of music that's purty different from the mass-produced crap that comes along on most radios nowadays.

That's because it's from an older worldview which felt that individual expression was of little worth unless aimed at a higher calling; that self-denial was a virtue; and other odd beliefs.

Like most human points of view, these feelings also were both ignored when expedient, and taken to hideous extremes.  Still, this music is exotic and interesting.  The topics aren't OUR love, or OUR war, so we can perceive them from a nice remove.

1 -     La quinte estampie reale      Anonymous, French 13th century
2 -     Pax in nomine Domini!      Marcabru, 1137
3 -     Parti de mal      Anonymous, French, 1189
4 -     Chevalier, mult estes guariz Anonymous, French, 1147
5 - Chanterai por mon corage Guiot de Dijon, 1189
6 - Danse Real Anonymous, French 13th century
7 - Sede Syon, in pulvere Anonymous, French, ca 1195
8 - Palästinalied Walther von der Vogelweide, 1128
9 - Condicio - O nacio - Mane prima Anonymous, French 13th century
10 - O tocius Asie Anonymous, French, 1248
11 - La uitime estampie reale Anonymous, French 13th century
12 - Cum sint difficilia Anonymous, French, 1248
13 - Li noviaus tens Le Châtelain de Coucy, 1189
14 - Fortz chausa es Gaucelm Faidit, 1199
15 - Je ne puis - Amors me tienent - Veritatem Anonymous, French 13th century
16 - Ahi! Amours Conon de Béthune, 1188
17 - La tierche estampie reale Anonymous, French 13th century
18 - Ja nus hons pris Richard Coeur de Lion
19 - Au tens plain de felonnie Thibaut de Champagne

Music of the Crusades: Songs of Love and War

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  1. This title sounds just obscure enough to pique my interest. Thank you, Mark, and Happy Festivus!