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Thursday, November 26, 2015

MA-45 - Joy and Noise, Disc 1

If you're thankful and you know it, make some noise!

1 -    Not the Same     Crystal Lewis
2 -    King of My Life   T-Bone, Natalie Larue, djMAJ
3 -    I Am   Ginny Owens
4 -    This Mystery     Nichole Nordeman
5 -    Freedom    Nicole C Mullen
6 - Sleep   Riley Armstrong
7 - If You Really Knew Out of Eden
8 - We Rock This Mic KJ52
9 - Hands and Feet Audio Adrenaline
10 - Remains of the Day Say-So
11 - Cartoons Chris Rice
12 - Use Me Here Miranda
13 - All Over Me/Do Not The Benjamin Gate/John Reuben
14 - Waiting Room   LaRue
15 - Stranded Plumb
16 - Lukewarm II Hot Emcee One
17 - The Rumor Weed Song The W's
18 - Gone Switchfoot
19 - Karaoke Superstars Superchick
20 - Why Can't I Be on MTV Calibretto 13
21 - Dandelions   Five Iron Frenzy

MA-45 - Joy and Noise, Disc 1

As a certified "softie,"  I tear up when I sing along to quite a few of these, especially the last!

See you Monday!


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