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Monday, November 16, 2015

Fun for All Sized Bellies

I found this delightful 1976 LP a few days ago.  It plays like new, only a few pops anywhere.  This may mean that the original owner didn't give it a spin at all!

Perhaps some hopeful guy bought it as a hint to his wife, wishing she would learn to twitch fetchingly.

01. Medley - Medium Tempo (2:33)
02. Rumba Bolero (2:21)
03. Balady - Medium Fast (1:07)
04. 4/4 Medley with Drums (2:56)
05. Slow Chifti - Floor & Veil Work (3:31)
06. Chifti - (Faster) (1:56)
07. Floor Work (No Tempo) (0:43)
08. Slow to Fast Balady (Mijwiz) - 4/4 Finale (2:20)
09. Medium Tempos with Drum (1:24)
10. Chiftitellis - 4/4 Tempos - Fast to Slow - Veil & Floor Work (2:50)
11. Fast Exciting Medley (Good Feeling & Helaway) (3:46)
12. Easy Flowing Kashlimar - (9/8 Tempos with Great Drums & Zils) (2:08)
13. 9/4 Tempos - Balady - Finale (3:33)

On the record, the tracks run together with nary a break.  I added a break between them.  Also included is an insert with all LP graphics, and liner notes written by somebody whose first language was obviously NOT English!  Scans of the record labels are in their too.

If you're old enough to remember 1960s TV shows which occasionally set an episode in the mysterious Middle East, then you'll be smiling a lot.  It amazes me that this "authentic" style music is so reminiscent of the imitative TV music written by greats like Gerald Fried.

It's a lot of fun.



  1. Oh, boy, I can't wait to put on one of my gf's tube tops and find an old skirt so I can start dancing and shakin' what my momma gave me!

    Thanks, Mark, my gf's gonna be so surprised when she sees me!

  2. Sorry to enlighten you, bubba. If you have looked in the mirror lately, like me you might see a little bit more than what Mama gave us!

    Those tube tops have no leniency! Beware of the lines in your skin when you peel it off, too.