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Thursday, April 17, 2014

I Was There! in 1972

My wonderful parents were gracious enough to let me be part of a group that went to Explo '72 in Dallas, in June 1972.

I was a part of the Bartlesville Youth for Christ contingent that bused down together and were put up in dorms somewhere.  My conscious memories of that week would fill up about fifteen minutes.

I know now that a lot of my behavior was typical teen dumbness -- smarting off, sarcasm, show-offery -- that didn't show much evidence of a life changed by God's love.  I hope and pray that I'm a bit more reformed now!

The purpose of the conference was to give young folks like us a few tools to share God's love with our classmates, family, and anybody else we met. 

One constant was the little booklet "The Four Spiritual Laws" , along with a pocket-sized Gospel of John with floral cover art.

There were workshops/discussion groups during the day, and nightly rallies/services in the Cotton Bowl.  The big wind-up was a daylong concert that featured all kinds of music, from straight "your parent's gospel music" to then with-it acts such as Andrae Crouch and Larry Norman.

I was at Explo, and I was at that concert for four or five hours.  I have NO IDEA who was playing while I was there.

But I got this cool record (several months later) as a memento!

*                       *                    *                    *                       *                     *

The Jesus Sound Explosion LP contained 12 cuts.  To round out the CD, I've added six songs from a 1974 "sampler" album from Myrrh Records.  A complete listing of the Love Peace Joy LP's contents can be found about halfway down on this page.

01 -  Johnny Cash         I See Men As Trees Walkin’     3:26
02   - Armageddon Experience         One Way      3:32
03   - Randy Matthews          Didn't He         4:26
04   - Andraé Crouch & the Disciples      I'm Satisfied    3:37
05   -Larry Norman    Sweet Song Of Salvation 3:51
06 -Great Commission Company   Anticipation 3:05
07 - Danny Lee & the Children Of Truth - Spread A Little Love Around 2:54
08 - Connie Smith   Plenty of Time 4:12
09 - Forerunners  -  Lord 2:48
10 - Willa Dorsey   I Have the Joy in My Soul 2:40
11 - Love Song  - A Love Song 5:34
12 - The Speer Family   The King Is Coming 3:50

(from Love, Peace, Joy - Myrrh)
13 - 2nd Chapter of Acts - Love Peace Joy   2:30
14 - Malcolm & Alwyn - Fool's Wisdom   3:05
15 - Eddie Robinson - I Give My All to Thee  3:36
16 - Randy Matthews - It Ain't Easy  2:37
17 - Love Song - A Love Song  1:45
18 - Petra - Parting Thought  1:22

So, Happy Easter!

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