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Monday, April 7, 2014

Cowboy Songs, Vol II, by Yodelin' Slim Clark

Cowboy Songs, Vol II, by Yodelin' Slim Clark, came out in 1964.  In the words of Raul Julia in The Addams Family,  this stuff sounds like "the echt Addams" -- errr, the TRUE 1960s version of the Western song.

(Yes, yes, I know that the Addams Family was referring to TS Eliot's The Waste Land's bit about being "echt Deutsch.")

Anyway, back to THIS country.  Here are the songs, performed on yodel and git-fiddle:

01. The Fox (2:42)
02. My Montana Blue Eyes (2:45)
03. Plantonio the Pride of the Plains (3:26)
04. Memories of Old Chuck Wagon Days (3:00)
05. When the Work's All Done This Fall (2:57)
06. Swiss Dreams (John White) (2:29)
07. The Blue-Tail Fly (3:01)
08. Mathilda Higgins (2:57)
09. The Jam at Gerry's Rock (4:01)
10. The Lane County Bachelor (2:59)
11. Billy Venero (4:07)
12. Just Yodelin' (2:17)

And now you can yodel along.

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