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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Columbia Special Products Presents ...

Yep, in the golden age of the tie-in, Columbia Special Products produced this far-ranging conglomeration of various Columbia signees in "spy mode."

You can call it cheese ... you can call it silly ... or you can call it AWESOME!

1)  Percy Faith - Thunderball   
2)  Mel Tormé - Secret Agent Man   
3)  Village Stompers - From Russia With Love   
4)  John Barry - The James Bond Theme   
5)  David Lloyd - 007   
6)  Bobby Vinton - Goldfinger   
7)  John Barry - Ipcress File   
8)  Ray Conniff - Third Man Theme   
9)  David Lloyd - On Her Majesty's Secret Service   
10)  Orchestra U.S.A. - The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Yep, Track 2 is the Velvet Fog himself singing a tune for John Drake the Danger Man.  And perpetual Chipmunk-soundalike Bobby Vinton singing "Goldfinger" is about as sinister as a pair of cotton-candy handcuffs.

OK, I'll call it "cheesy" too.  But don't say it's not

See you Monday!


  1. From a now-closed Salvation Army thrift store to your ears! -- Mark