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Monday, March 31, 2014

Skip Martin's Scheherajazz

This packs a punch! 

It first caught my eye by the va-va-voom cover art; then the idea of the Rimsky-Korsakov "chestnut" being shaken around in the hands of a 1950s-version of a jazz band.

So I picked it up, and boy howdy.  It always packs a punch.  Kind of like the old Hawaiian Punch commercials.  Or, the scenes in old TV shows where a hysterical person is calmed by one slap to the face.  They shake their head and say, "Thanks! I needed that."

The performers are the "Video All-Stars."

Some info about Skip Martin is here.  And here's a forum by jazz enthusiasts telling all sort of technical details about it.

I just think it's a lot of fun.  So give it a try.


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