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Monday, March 17, 2014

"Believe Me, If All These Endearing Young Charms ..."

This is from a cassette released by Nonesuch records in 1984.

It's a great "Irish" performance of some great "aulde Irische" music.  Just before 1810, Irish poet, entertainer, singer, and songwriter Thomas Moore collected for publication a great mound of Irish songs on love, drinking, and war -- the great subjects of Irish culture,  at least in the popular opinion.

His collections are generally known as "Moore's Irish Melodies."  This album is a selection.  Here's a list page of all of them, with lyrics.

I love these performances.  The singing is by turns lilting and bellowing.  The only instrumental accompaniment is a piano that is tuned, but sounds very old and frayed.  These are the songs:

01 - The Minstrel Boy
02 - Silent, O Moyle, Be the Roar of Thy Waters
03 - When in Death I Shall Calm  Recline
04 - Here We Dwell
05 - Lesbia Hath a Beaming Eye
06 - The Dirge / How Oft Has the Banshee Cried
07 - While Gazing on the Moon’s Light
08 - What the Bee Is to the Flow’ret
09 - Believe Me, If All These Endearing Young Charms
10 - The Harp That Once Through Tara's Halls
11 - How Dear to Me the Hour When Daylight Dies
12 - Oh! Doubt Me Not
13 - At the Mid-Hour of the Night
14 - It Is Not the Tear at This Moment Shed
15 - Fill the Bumper Fair
16 - Planxty Johnstone / Captain Magan
17 - My Gentle Harp
18 - ’Tis the Last Rose of Summer

 Don't be afraid to let your emotions show, just so they are true ... affection, compassion, loyalty, devotion.  Do you show them with your friends and family?  I hope so!

Listen for yourself.


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