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Monday, March 24, 2014

Everything You Always Wanted to Hear on the Moog* *But Were Afraid to Ask!

This LP first came out in  1967 an attempted cash-in on the brave new possibilities of synthesized music.  The title was a riff on a popular book Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Sex ... But Were Afraid to Ask.  This book's title later inspired a Woody Allen movie, too.

The artists credited are Andrew Kazdin and Thomas Z Shephard, but I don't know how much of their involvement was Hands On or (alternatively) Supervisory.

Here are the tracks:

1- España – Chabrier
2 - Malaguena - Lecuona
3 - Prelude To Act I; Habanera; Introduction To Act I (Les Toréadors) From "Carmen" - Bizet
4 - Bolero - Ravel

 It's a fun artifact, similar in some ways to early Tomita.  Sometimes the artist seems more interested in throwing in a funny or cute sound effect to replace an instrument, that he is in giving a straight musical performance.

But it's great fun, especially if you remember those early electronic-music days.

Now you know!


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