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Monday, February 17, 2014

Stomu Yamashta -- Music from "Tempest"

I neither know or care what this movie is about, other than a dim memory of seeint the trailer many decades ago and thinking, "That looks like a stupid movie."

But the soundtrack was written by Stomu Yamashta, whose Sea & Sky album is, to me, a very moving piece of music.

A few years ago I bought the LP of the Tempest soundtrack; here it is.

1)  Tempest Fantasia
2)  Nature
3)  Tango
4)  Theme from Tempest
5)  Wind Words
6)  Epilogue
A word on inclusions:  Track 3, "Tango," is by Lieber & Stoller.  I like it; it's an instrumental; I kept it.  But the final track on the soundtrack LP is the song "Manhattan," performed by Dinah Washington.  It screeched at my consciousness like a kitten in a blender, so I dropped it.

Hope you like it, too.



  1. I've seen this movie. Believe me, you're not missing a lot.