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Monday, May 6, 2013

MA-12 - 45s & Favorites, Disc 1

When I got my mp3 turntable for Christmas a few years ago, I dove right into the 100 or so 45s I had accumulated.  This was part of the impetus for beginning this music blog.  I hoped that somebody else might like some of the same stuff and maybe had forgotten about it until I reminded them!

One of the records I had was a promo 45 from Coca-Cola by the New Seekers, a folk group that made some bucks by selling out to The Man (some might say).  So I sprinkled the songs from that record throughout this compilation.  So ... here is the first batch of my white-bread memories:

1    Buy the World a Coke      The New Seekers



2    Amazing Grace       Judy Collins 
3    House at Pooh Corner         Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
4    Anticipation    Carly Simon



5    Levon       Elton John
6    Long Ago and Far Away         James Taylor  
7 Brown Sugar    The Rolling Stones
8 Legend in Your Own Time Carly Simon
9 Joy to the World - single version Three Dog Night
10 What the World Needs Now + Abraham Martin and John Tom Clay
11 Roundabout Yes


12 Cover of The Rolling Stone     Dr. Hook
13 Back When My Hair Was Short - original version Gunhill Road
14 Woman Is the Nigger of the World John Lennon Plastic Ono Band
15 All The Young Dudes Mott The Hoople
16 Give Ireland Back to the Irish Wings
17 Sisters O Sisters Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band
18 Little Woman Love     Wings
19 I Saw The Light Todd Rundgren

20 Little Bit of Sunshine The New Seekers 1971

As an example of the nerdy things that lonely kids notice, the "single version" of Three Dog Night's "Joy to the World" is indeed from the 45 I bought in 1971.  It's not the same arrangement/mix as heard nowadays on the "oldies station" around here.
When I bought the single "Back When My Hair Was Short," I had no idea in those pre-internet days that it was a toned-down version of the original.  That original version is here; the single that got radio play will show up on Disc Two.
The Lennon/Ono Band songs are flips of a single.  You hear some talk at the beginning of the B-side, Ono's "Sisters O Sisters," making fun of the "male chauvinist engineer."  The core of those two tracks were recorded on Dick Cavett's  TV show in 1971.
Well, see what you   think .

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