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Friday, April 26, 2013

With All Our Love

This was a cassette album.  Joyce heard them sing at (I think) a Lay Witness Mission in the early 1980s.  This album was released in 1973 originally, but this is the re-released 1977 version.  The fourth song, "Russ's Song," is a first-person wedding-type song.

Joyce sang it to me at our wedding.  "Don't think you're on a pedestal, I know the bad things too, but what I see and what I love is Jesus using you."  On a really good day she can see a little of that!

A lot of friends act surprise that I wasn;t the one singing at the wedding.  I liked it fine the way it was, with Joyce singing "Russ's Song" and my friend Susan Talley singing Honeytree's "Treasures" (which can be found here in an earlier post).

01. Under the Shadow (Of My Wings)
02. If You'll Take My Hand
03. You're a Gift
04. Russ's Song
05. Two Lives, One Moment
06. Be Ye Still
07. Where Went the Days
08. Just Pretending
09. The Crucifixion
10. Can I Show You

Journey back  to a simpler time.


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