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Friday, April 12, 2013

Take That, North Korea!

Here is another of my dozen or more compilation CDs of songs about or referring to nuclear power, the A-Bomb, and other radiactive reflections of Pop Culture.

1            Fireball Boogie         Camille Howard               1948
2           Sh-Boom   The Chords               1953
3           Watch World War Three (on Pay TV)         Crown City Four              1960
4           The Sun Is Burning    Simon & Garfunkel                1964
5           I Come And Stand At Every Door  The Byrds               1966
6 Atomic Bombs Away Blues Creation 1971
7 Nuclear Blues Blood Sweat & Tears 1980
8 Your Attention Please Scars 1981
9 After the Rain   Comsat Angels 1982
10 99 Red Balloons Nena 1983
11 Party at Ground Zero Fishbone 1985
12 Protect And Survive The Dubliners 1987
13 Everyday Is Like Sunday Morrissey 1988
14 I Like Chinese Monty Python 1989
15 April 2031 Warrant 1992
16 Nuclear Supremacy Dayglo Abortions 1995
17 Jesus Hits Like an Atomic Bomb Chanticleer 2004
18 Bring Back the Bomb GWAR 2004
19 Brighter Than A Thousand Suns  Iron Maiden 2006
20 The Iranian Bomb Tal Gilad 2011

 Nowadays Track 20, "The Iranian Bomb," might just as well apply to those guys north of the 38th Parallel.

The origin of Track 2, "Sh-Boom," dictates its inclusion here.  As the tale is told, some or all of these guys -- James Keyes, Claude Feaster, Carl Feaster, Floyd F. McRae, and James Edwards, members of the R&B vocal group The Chords -- were sitting around the neighborhood in their car listening to the radio when a news report told the world about the USA's first H-Bomb test.  The fellows started talking about this and then were joking about what kind of sound a Hydrogen Bomb might make.  The sound effect "Sh-Boom" came about, and from there it metamorphosed into a metaphor for a big change like falling in love.  Although a lot more positive idea!

Hope you like it!



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