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Monday, April 15, 2013

They Sure Are!

When you hear the first minute or so of this thrilling album, you'll be like the father whose three-year-old just jumped onto his stomach and woke him up at six o'clock in the morning to play.

"I'm awake!  I'm awake!"

It's a Living Presence, all right (look at the label).

Opus 46
1. No. 1 In C Major: Presto - Furiant
2. No. 2 In E Minor: Allegretto scherzando - Dumka
3. No. 3 In A Flat Major: Poco allegro - Polka
4. No. 4 In F Major: Tempo di Minuetto - Sousedska
5. No. 5 In A Major: Allegro Vivace - kocna
6. No. 6 In D Major: Allegretto Scherzando - Sousedska
7. No. 7 In C Minor: Allegro assai - Skocna
8. No. 8 In G Minor: Presto - Furiant

Opus 72
9. No. 1 In B Major: Molto Vivace - Odzemek
10. No. 2 In E Minor: Allegretto Grazioso - Dumka
11. No. 3 In F Major: Allegro - Skocna
12. No. 4 In D Flat Major: Allegretto grazioso - Dumka
13. No. 5 In B-Flat Minor: Poco Adagio - Spacirka
14. No. 6 In B Flat Major: Moderato, quasi Minuetto - Mazur
15. No. 7 In C Major: Allegro Vivace - Kolo
16. No. 8 In A Flat Major: Grazioso e Lento, Ma Non Troppo



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