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Monday, January 30, 2012

Let's Try a Different Host

I still am looking for someone as dependable (and fast) as MegaUpload, that demonized hosting service that is still offline.

This is a fine album of "early" Space Music, dubbed from the commercial cassette.  These are the tracks:

1) Horizons Beyond Infinity
2) Stardance
3) Starjourney
4) Gymnopedie

...You'll want to have no pause between tracks 2 and 3.  Or even better, cross-fade them ... -- When burning to CD.

Here is the link:
See you next week, I hope!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Any Suggestions?

Since my previous file hoster, MegaUpload, appears to be toast, I would like some suggestions as to where to move the music!

There's FileDen, there's FileFactory, there's MediaFire, there's 4Shared ... and more...

4Shared will leave a file up 180 days, and that may be the longest.

When I make a decision, I will have to re-up and change all the previous links.  This will take a while!

So, in the meantime, please give me some suggestions for a free hosting service.  Until then, Spock's headphones will be empty!

See ya!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Natural Light

Here is some more mellow, flowing, new agey-type of stuff.  It's dreamy and great for listening to in the dark, lying on your back on the floor, with a lit candle just above your head, while you watch the candlelight's circle dancing on the ceiling.

I can't do that any more, because now we have a celiing fan in every room, and it kind of ruins the effect.

Still, it's fun stuff.  Here are the tracks:

1 Natural Light 7:04

2 Play Of Light 4:02

3 Harp And Soul 4:09

4 Firelight 3:33

5 Shared Visions 4:07

6 Butterfly And The Lotus 4:25

7 Flowing With The Changes 4:30

8 Serenity 3:31

9 The Light In Your Eye 7:57

Here is the link:  

See you next week!

Monday, January 9, 2012

From a Hypnotic Dentist?

That was an old Peter Schickele joke.  Get it? Trance-in-Dental?

Anyway, this is from an old LP of thunderous music.  Here are the pieces:

1. No.1 Prelude (Presto) 1:07

2. No.2 Molto vivace 2:13

3. No.3 Paysage (Poco adagio) 4:21

4. No.4 Mazeppa (Presto) 7:35

5. No.5 Feux follets (Allegretto) 4:26

6. No.6 Vision (Lento) 6:05

7. No.7 Eroica (Allegro) 4:54

8. No.8 Wilde Jagd (Presto furioso) 5:07

9. No.9 Ricordanza (Andantino) 11:00

10. No.10 Allegro agitato molto 4:46

11. No.11 Harmonies du soir (Andantino) 8:52

12. No.12 Chasse neige (Andante con moto) 6:06

And here is the link:


Monday, January 2, 2012

Golden Barbershop Ballads

This is a cassette originally issued in the mid 1960s, I believe.  To my mind, I wish the performanes wre a little LESS golden.  Maybe a little raggedness here and there would make it sound less like an insulated recording studio and more like a barbershop.

Nevertheless, it's fun music.  Here's what Billboard magazine had to say in 1965:

Here are the numbers included:

01 - When You're A Long, Long From Home - Four Hearseman
02 - Little Pal - The Rascals
03 - My Ideal - The Gala-Lads
04 - A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet - Sun Tones
05 - I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen - Easternaires
06 - Did Your Mother Come From Ireland - Play Tonics
07 - For Me And My Gal - Sidewinders
08 - Love Me and the World Is Mine - Lads of Enchantment
09 - Cabin On The Hilltop - Play Tonics    
10 - That Old Gang Of Mine - Four Pitchikers
11 - Danny Boy - Easternaires
12 - Down By The Old Mill Stream - The Rhythm Counts

And here is the link: