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Monday, January 9, 2012

From a Hypnotic Dentist?

That was an old Peter Schickele joke.  Get it? Trance-in-Dental?

Anyway, this is from an old LP of thunderous music.  Here are the pieces:

1. No.1 Prelude (Presto) 1:07

2. No.2 Molto vivace 2:13

3. No.3 Paysage (Poco adagio) 4:21

4. No.4 Mazeppa (Presto) 7:35

5. No.5 Feux follets (Allegretto) 4:26

6. No.6 Vision (Lento) 6:05

7. No.7 Eroica (Allegro) 4:54

8. No.8 Wilde Jagd (Presto furioso) 5:07

9. No.9 Ricordanza (Andantino) 11:00

10. No.10 Allegro agitato molto 4:46

11. No.11 Harmonies du soir (Andantino) 8:52

12. No.12 Chasse neige (Andante con moto) 6:06

And here is the link:


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