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Monday, January 16, 2012

Natural Light

Here is some more mellow, flowing, new agey-type of stuff.  It's dreamy and great for listening to in the dark, lying on your back on the floor, with a lit candle just above your head, while you watch the candlelight's circle dancing on the ceiling.

I can't do that any more, because now we have a celiing fan in every room, and it kind of ruins the effect.

Still, it's fun stuff.  Here are the tracks:

1 Natural Light 7:04

2 Play Of Light 4:02

3 Harp And Soul 4:09

4 Firelight 3:33

5 Shared Visions 4:07

6 Butterfly And The Lotus 4:25

7 Flowing With The Changes 4:30

8 Serenity 3:31

9 The Light In Your Eye 7:57

Here is the link:  

See you next week!

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