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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Any Suggestions?

Since my previous file hoster, MegaUpload, appears to be toast, I would like some suggestions as to where to move the music!

There's FileDen, there's FileFactory, there's MediaFire, there's 4Shared ... and more...

4Shared will leave a file up 180 days, and that may be the longest.

When I make a decision, I will have to re-up and change all the previous links.  This will take a while!

So, in the meantime, please give me some suggestions for a free hosting service.  Until then, Spock's headphones will be empty!

See ya!


  1. Sad day indeed. I honestly have no experience in hosting files, so I don't have a good suggestion but wanted to thank you for sharing some great music. I've been collecting albums most of my life & at 40 years old I am still surprised & excited by what people have in their collections & the internet is a wonderful place to share that love of recordings that will probably never be released again. Anyway, thank you.